Memorable Gospel Music with a Nostalgic Look at the Past

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The one hour radio program featuring the music and memories of nostalgic gospel music. Whether the name is Blackwood, Stamps, Cathedral, Melody Four, Speer, Goodman, or Statesmen the music is inspiring and well worth remembering.

Murray Hollis was raised on gospel music in Alabama and began singing professionally while a student in high school. Whether on television or radio, in the recording studio or on stage Murray's approach to gospel music is fresh, honest and inviting.  For well over 60 years,  Murray has been singing about Jesus Christ,  our Lord and Savior.

Many episodes feature a co-host from a group of musicians and singers who have enjoyed the exciting world of gospel music and have tales to tell or a message that is worth remembering.

With Murray and his co-host both being fans and performers of gospel music, they provide miles of stories of people, places and events. It has created a nostalgic journey that is Worth Remembering.

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The one hour Worth Remembering radio program features:


Southern Gospel Music from artists like:  The Blackwood Brothers,  The Statesmen,  The Stamps,  The Cathedrals,  The Imperials,  The Speer Family,  The Weatherfords,  The Dixie Melody Boys,  The Plainsmen, The Blueridge Quartet,  The Gospel Lads,  The Goss Brothers,  The Happy Goodmans, The Gaithers,  The Masters Five,  The Texans,  The Memphians,  The Thrasher Brothers,  The Tennesseans,  and the list goes on.


CONVERSATION -- visits with singers, musicians and producers who helped to create the music that is worth remembering.

NOSTALGIA -- stories and thoughts from places and events that are worth remembering.

HUMOR -- whether welcomed or not we have visits from Ulysses S. Tunebender who bursts into the studio to make his requests known.  Marge and Henry Quackenbush also provide us insight into their thoughts about the show.   Doctor Old and Doctor Young

MAILBAG -- occasionally we read a southern gospel question from our southern gospel audience and try to provide a southern gospel answer.

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